Search Engine Marketing

If you own an online business, having a prominent search engine prominence is the key to growth. This is why most of them seek to be there on top in search results when a buyer searches for something to buy online. Having top positions in search engines requires strategy, plan and execution. You should therefore consult an SEM agency that has sound experience in search engine marketing.

Zytech Brings The SEM Driving Force

Your search for a competent SEM agency ends at Zytech. We have been in the business of search engine marketing from over a decade and quite efficient in integrating all its components rightly. We bring together effective search marketing strategies to make your online presence successful. Our Search Engine Marketing services include the following in order to deliver clients only the best results.

Integrating Search Engine Optimization

We have a team of search engine optimization experts who go through all the SEO aspects.

  • They use the data collected through SEO initiatives such as keyword reports, searched phrases and content.
  • They optimize your Social Media profiles
  • They make the right balance between organic and paid search
  • They measure the search demand for your product or service
  • From commercials to brochures to newsletter content

Integrating The Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Our managed PPC campaigns help to drive traffic to your website. Our experts use relevant keywords and compelling ad copies to create best PPC ads. They apply the following:

  • Develop multiple PPC ads
  • Checking message points on across marketing channels.
  • Measuring results at the key phrase level
  • Analyzing phrases that result in the highest response

Integrated Social Media Marketing

We enhance your search engine marketing campaigns by integrating them with social media profiles of your brand. Our social media experts leverage all the premier social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We understand the growing emergence of social media in branding. Thus, we continue to push your brand using social networks. It makes your brand visible and ensures definite search marketing advantages.

  • Our social media experts interlink all the social channels
  • Occasionally include links to your brand website, Blog and other online channels within Social Media
  • Creating Social Media buttons on your Website
  • Use SEO and PPC to curate content on social media

Integrating Local Search Marketing

Zytech gives immense importance to local search marketing programs also. We, therefore, help you claim your brand’s listing on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Maps and other local directories such as Yelp. We keep working on your online reputation and branding initiatives using local listings.

Competitor Analysis Report

A search engine marketing campaign goes nowhere if implemented without competitor analysis. This is unarguably the foundation of any SEM campaign. It deals with a complete insight of your competitors. Who they are; what’re the keywords they are ranking for and how they secured those rankings.

Our experts analyze the following to create a comprehensive competitor analysis report:

  • They identify your keywords
  • They identify your competitors
  • They determine the authority of the competitors
  • They compare your site and there pages with those of the competitors

Traffic Analysis And Progress Report

Knowing the percentage and exact numbers of visitor traffic helps to identify the overtime trend of consumers. It includes:

  • Direct Navigation
  • Referral Traffic
  • Search Traffic

Content Curation And Development

To make your brand consumed well at search engines, our professional content writers who develop reader oriented content and present your brand to the outer world in the most authentic and creative manner. We enrich our search engine marketing campaigns with influential content.

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